Investment Plans

Safe & Secure

Stability and security is of the highest priority to Uhuru Cash. We offer user account security with Two Factor Authentication, safe cold cryptocurrency storage, and financial viability. We also have dedicated servers with extra DDOS attack protection, Cisco firewalls, redundancy services, etc

Solid Risk Management

Our risk management protocols include rigorous internal controls and limits. All trades are taken with a focus on risk management and proper leverage. Funds are divided amongst HYIP, Investment Robots written for Crypto Trading, direct trading on the crypto exchanges, participation in ICO’s and direct trading of BTC in the consumer market.

High and Consistent Returns

Our income will be based on our history of past investments producing over 1,700% over the last 24 months. Built into the system is the awareness of constant demand for repayments on short term investments making full use of all available funds not doable. However, with this track record the minimum undertaking in the interest offered should be maintained.

Excellent Affiliate Programme

As we want to recognize our clients who sponsor new clients, we offer a generous commission to our Tribe members who bring new participants into the Stokvel. As we are not a pyramid scheme we only offer 2 levels of commission, as we want to focus as much of the investment in profits for the investor.

For Everyone

We accept participation in our Stokvel from anybody who are over the age of 18 and who accept our terms of service from anywhere in the world. It is however up to the investor to make sure that he/she complies with laws of his/her country regarding investment rules, tax reporting etc.

Biggest Variety of Investment Plans

Our investment plans are of such nature that you can choose between various terms and pay-out plans that will suit your needs whether it be for a weekly income, compounding to increase your investment amount or a mixture of both.

Real People with Real Investments

We are real people with real investment strategies operating from St Kitts & Nevis while our servers are located elsewhere for security reasons.

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