About Us

Uhuru Cash is part of a STOKVEL (Uhuru Tribe) that is formed to create FREEDOM from oppression by the banks and financial institutions to control us. Through the medium of Blockchain which is in contrast with the current banking systems, an OPEN system where nothing is hidden from whoever wants to see it, and making peer to peer payment without a third party latching onto the deal to suck up more money, we as the people of the universe are given a golden opportunity to become FREE from the financial oppression put on us. Politicians have been find the most guilty of hiding and transferring funds to offshore systems while they make laws to control us with our moneys.

This can now be ended by using Crypto currency in the place of useless Fiat currency forced down on us to control us through taxes, unnecessary fees and all kinds of control systems. Uhuru (meaning: FREEDOM) Cash, is the place that will assist you in starting your own destiny of living off the grid being financially free. One of these opportunities is start to get your own BITCOIN and multiply it by lending it to us in order to multiply it for you through very good interest rates.

Looking at these interest rates, many ask: “How is it possible to gain such high interests?” What people forget is that the price of Bitcoin easily moves over 5% per day and some of the smaller coins move even up to 40% per day. On top of that we can make over 10% per single sale of BTC. These sales take place through agents right through the continent and can be a substantive amount of coins.

Uhuru Cash will multiply the investments through a mixture of strategies in order that if some strategies fail, others will make up for the losses through:

  • Investing not more than 10% in HYIP (High Yield Investment Programmes);
  • Making use of Investment Robots acquired for the purpose of trading on Crypto Currency markets;
  • Special Robots created to do arbitrage on the Crypto Currency markets;
  • Having a handpicked team doing research for investing in Crypto's due for huge price increases;
  • Participation in various ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings);
  • Buying and selling Bitcoins and other Crypto currency highly in demand direct to market. (In Africa alone there are over 100 million buyers who struggle to get this rare commodity in the open market).
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