How To Buy Bitcoins
A. Get a Wallet
In order for you to Buy/Sell and keep Bitcoin and any other crypto currencies, you will need to open a “WALLET”.  There are various kinds of wallets, being Hot, Cold or in-between. Until you have a big amount of cryptos that you would like to store, we recommend that you use https://www.coinpayments to setup a wallet if you don’t have one yet. They are:
  1. Reliable and trustworthy and their fees are extremely low;
  2. You can receive and store up to 80 different coins all in one place;
  3. In order to secure your coins, you can switch the “VAULT” on, meaning that for you or anybody, including a hacker, must give 24 hour notice to make any withdrawals;
  4. You can receive coins in your wallet while the vault is on;
  5. You can switch your coins within the system;
  6. You can download an App to have access to your wallet on your phone.
B. Buy your Bitcoin (BTC)
Now you need to buy your BTC. Most places where you can buy them fairly reasonable are at Exchanges. However, for you to buy and sell them, you will have to apply for an account and then verify your account. This can take a while, but we suggest that you in any case register with some of them. It depends in which country you want to buy but here are some suggestions. Some of them will sell you for up to $2,500 with a debit/credit card, but thereafter you will have to verify your account:
In order to safe transaction fees, you can order your BTC at these exchanges and send the payment directly to us, using the wallet address we gave you. Then you don’t have to put it first in your wallet and pay another transfer fee. Just make sure the amount you order and the amount to reach us is the same amount of BTC.
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