Dealing and trading with Crypto & Crypto currencies can be extremely risky due to its high volatility! It is therefore not advisable to risk any funds you cannot afford to lose in any such activity as you can forfeit all such funds during participation of any crypto investment scheme


Potential and current members are required to familiarise themselves with the risks outlined in the CBI Website in order to fully understand the risks involved with participating in any cryptocurrency products, assets and/or any platform designed to manage cryptocurrency assets offered by CBI. As a potential or current member, you must accept and understand the prospective risks involved with using our services before deciding to invest any crypto asset inthe Cryptocurrency environment. Persons participating in any CBI Rrogramme/Product do so entirely at their own risk and CBI, CBI Global, CBI DAO and its owners, shareholders, directors, management, employees, representatives, agents and independent contractors accept no liability or responsibility for any losses due to Crypto Market volatility, fluctuations and risks.