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Last Updated :   13, August, 2018

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Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (the "Terms") define the rules and conditions according to which the UHURU CASH LTD (uhurucash.com) company operates and it is a condition that must be accepted by the registered user ("Participant") before any service will be rendered.

Using the services of UHURU CASH, the Participant agrees with all sections and parts of these Terms and also accepts and agrees to abide by the Terms.

1. General Information

1.1 Any individual who has reached the age of majority under the laws of this individual's country of residence can create an account at UHURU CASH and become a Participant.
1.2 Each Participant has the right to register any number of accounts subject thereto that he/she is part of the Uhuru Tribe Stokvel.
1.3 The services of UHURU CASH are available only to registered users.
1.4 UHURU CASH reserves the right to send the Participants notifications, messages, and other information.
1.5 Each Participant may at any time refuse to receive the mailings.

2. Investment Conditions

2.1 UHURU CASH operates using Bitcoin payment systems and may add if necessary additional payment systems.
2.2 A deposit is credited to a Participant's account after receiving:
- 3 confirmations of the Bitcoin network
2.3 UHURU CASH is NOT a FINANCIAL ADVISOR, neither invest funds on behalf of the Participant but for the benefits of the Stokvel which then in turn distribute the proceeds of the profits in accordance with these investment plans to the various participants.
2.4 The Participant is fully aware that sometimes there will be NO PROFITS due to the effect of the markets, and that UHURU CASH can in no way be held accountable for such unforeseen losses.

2.5 The minimum interest daily amount promised by UHURU CASH to the participant for the loan amount to UHURU CASH by the Participant is an average estimated to be produced over a week period of 5 business days, and cannot be guaranteed by UHURU CASH.
2.6 Should UHURU CASH not perform as expected with its investments, then the Participant will have no claim against UHURU CASH for its initial investment amount or any other interests still outstanding, as all investments in Crypto Currencies are seen as highly volatile and speculative in nature.

2.7 Uhuru Cash reserves the right to FREEZE any payments in favor of any participant in extreme volatile conditions when especially Bitcoin loses more 15% of its market value within a period of 48 hours and can keep that position until the market is stabalised and it is proven that it has stabalised
2.7 The minimum amount of investment is The equivalent of $25 in Bitcoin
2.8 Each Participant can make as many deposits as the Participant wishes.
2.9 All limits and interest conditions are as stipulated on the website of uhurucash.com.
2.10 UHURU CASH adds the commissions payable to the investment amount and is payable by the participant.
2.11 All investments in UHURU CASH are made exclusively on the website uhurucash.com.
2.12 Direct transfers to the UHURU CASH bank accounts are not considered, nor treated as, investments.
2.13 Payments and bank transfers entered with incorrect information are rejected.

3. Earnings

3.1 The investments made by Participants accrue interest on a daily (24-hour period) basis and are payable either on a weekly basis (Saturday 24h00) or at the FIRST Saturday AFTER the end of the term as the specific loan (investment plan) applicable indicates
3.2 The invested funds create the interest as indicated under section 3.1 and are payable or accumulated on the first Saturday after the date of the initial investment and every Saturday thereafter. NO interest for Saturdays and/or Sundays will be paid.
3.3 Possible technical problems on the UHURU CASH website do not affect the accrual of Participants' interest.
3.4 The interest accrued is credited exclusively to the internal balance of the Participant's account in the UHURU CASH system.

4. Payout schedule

4.1 The minimum payout amount is $30 or the equivalent thereof in BTC.
4.2 UHURU CASH may charge Participants a withdrawal fee as determined by the bitcoin system. Notification thereof will be on the withdrawal page of the website.

4.3 Each Participant has the right to request a payout at any time, including weekends and holidays, subject thereto that an interest has accumulated, and the withdrawal amount is in line with section 4.1.
4.4. Every payout is made automatically within 48 hours from the moment the withdrawal request is submitted.

5. Affiliate program

5.1 ONLY paid-up members to Uhuru Tribe has the right to participate in the affiliate partner program and earn partner rewards.
5.2 The Participant does not have to be an investor him/herself in order to enroll in the affiliate program.
5.3 UHURU CASH calculates the commission to any investment and add it to the amount of BTC payable for the investment, and pays it over to the Uhuru Tribe member on the following terms:
- Each investment made by any new participant referred by the participant on all investments of 53 weeks and shorter – 2% of the amount invested by the referred partner and 1% to the partner who referred the referred partner
5.4 UHURU CASH reserves the right to cancel all accrued partner rewards and to block the Participant's account if the partner reward was earned fraudulently, or with a violation of these Terms, or in any other way not provisioned by UHURU CASH.

6. Guarantees and statements

6.1 UHURU CASH is subject to the law of the St Kitts & Nevis.
6.2 UHURU CASH protects the personal data of the Participants as defined in its Privacy Policy.
6.3 Third parties involved in the operation of UHURU CASH are independent contractors.
6.4 UHURU CASH has the right to refuse services to any Participant in the event that the Participant violates these Terms or attempts to harm UHURU CASH, including attempts to slander, discredit, or blackmail UHURU CASH, or hack the UHURU CASH website, send spam, etc.
6.5 UHURU CASH reserves the right to prohibit the use of its website and/or any services to any Participant without explanation of reasons for doing so.

7. Risks

7.1 Each Participant understands that any investment activity involves risk and Crypto Currencies even more so.

7.2 By investing or participating in any Uhuru Cash, Uhuru Tribe, Uhuru Fractions and or Uhuru-X activity the participant understands and accepts that all these activities are extremely highly volatile and NO SECURITIES whatsoever can be given by anybody related to the Uhuru Group to the successfulness of any activity and/or investment.

7.3 Each participant declares by accepting these conditions that he/she cannot hold Uhuru Cash, Uhuru Tribe, Uhuru Fractions and/or Uhuru-X or any part of the Uhuru Group or its employees or representatives responsible for market conditions or loss of any income or failure to reach the expected income and/or growth or expected returns on any investment or financial plan.

7.4 Each participant accept full responsibility in participating in the Uhuru Stokvel with its growths and losses and declare that all funds were deposited by the choice of the participant after reading these terms and conditions, knowing that he/she has no claim against anybody at the UHURU group should his/her expectations not be met.
7.2 Each Participant assumes sole responsibility for the risks of financial losses caused by force majeure circumstances, as defined in the section 8.2.

8. Disclaimer of liability

8.1 The electronic nature of the services provided by UHURU CASH exempts UHURU CASH from liability for any technical problems the causes of, or remedies for, which are out of UHURU CASH's control.
8.2 UHURU CASH cannot be held responsible for not observing these Terms as a result of force majeure circumstances. Force majeure circumstances include, but are not limited to, military actions, strikes, natural disasters, government actions, failure of the equipment and/or telecommunication lines of the data centre, compromised security of the Participant's computer, etc.

9. About these Terms

9.1 These Terms may be added to or modified by UHURU CASH at any time without prior notice to the Participants.
9.2 If any part of these Terms becomes invalid, this does not affect the legitimacy of the remaining parts.
9.3 If a Participant violates these Terms and UHURU CASH does not take immediate action in response, this cannot mean that UHURU CASH waives its right to take such action in the future.

10. Other provisions

10.1 The Participant agrees not to interfere with the operation of the UHURU CASH website.
10.2 The Participant agrees not to attempt to gain access to the UHURU CASH website, other than provided under these Terms and via this website's standard interface.

11. Jurisdiction

The terms of use of UHURU CASH are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of the Island of St Kitts & Nevus without resorting to any conflict of laws. Any disputes, if a mutually acceptable solution cannot be found, are to be resolved in the courts of St Kitts & Nevus and in accordance with its laws.